Supply chain

14 September 2016
Smart generation technology is not just about mobile phones and big data - it is a storm heralding a new industrial revolution, David Hennah
8 September 2016
UniCredit's Gianfranco Bisagni discusses how digitalisation of trade finance is being used to overcome cost pressures and the handicap of paper-based processes
8 July 2016
Australian grain marketing corporate Emerald Grain is taking no chances with the financial health of its growers, and has launched a new payment system to ensure that New South Wales and Victorian...
1 July 2016
The 'network of networks' will be the next big thing to hit supply chain relationships, with non-bank financiers and fintechs threatening to better place themselves to meet the needs of an...
Technology Update
9 June 2016
A large consortium of investors have joined Tradeshifts new series D funding, which will be used to fund the expansion of the tech firm’s marketplace platform.
1 June 2016
Germany's Mittelstand provides the backbone of its economy, yet with the international trade landscape undergoing significant change, the sector faces a number of challenges. Daniela Eder...
26 May 2016
The current downturn in commodity prices will force every party involved in trade finance to consider cost savings measures and the solution is sitting underneath everyone’s noses –...
20 May 2016
Danske Bank's Lars Sjögren proposes that a time of digital disruption is a time of opportunity
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27 April 2016
Simon Cook explains the legal fundamentals of three types of supply chain finance structures
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19 April 2016
Prabhat Vira has been appointed president of Tungsten Network Finance, the supply chain finance arm of the Tungsten Network business. Bringing more than 30 years of global banking experience to the...
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12 April 2016
Michael Vrontamitis explores how banks and clients can work together to achieve internal stakeholder alignment
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12 April 2016
Sixty years ago this month, the Ideal-X set sail from Berth 24 of Port Newark, New Jersey with 58 containers on board, launching the Bretton Woods era of globalisation into high gear. In its first...
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30 March 2016
Denise Bedell reflects on the market drivers behind the rapid expansion of supply chain finance take-up  
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30 March 2016
Experts agree at TFR's inaugural video-recorded supply chain finance forum that the area of receivables finance has significant growth potential, helped by digital advances and better education...
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30 March 2016
As fintechs jostle for market share in the supply chain finance space, Markus Wohlgeschaffen explores various aspects of the technique and suggests that the bank payment obligation architecture...
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21 March 2016
Supply chain management and supply chain financing are the likely pair that never tangoed, until now. Michael Vrontamitis explains what this could do for end-to-end relationships
15 March 2016
Further to the launch of the ICC Banking Commission’s set of Standard Definitions for Techniques of Supply Chain Finance on 9 March in Singapore, TFR reports from the global body’s...
11 March 2016
The long-awaited set of Standard Definitions for Techniques of Supply Chain Finance was launched in Singapore on 9 March 2016 at the ICC Banking Commission’s Supply Chain Finance Summit,...
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