BAFT global annual meeting 2016_1.jpg
2 February 2016
The Banker’s Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT) has launched a program promoting a new generation of leaders in transaction banking (GTB). BAFT’s first class of 2016 takes in...
Oil pump in Baku.jpg
29 January 2016
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have met in Baku Azerbaijan regarding a US$4bn bailout for the country as its currency suffers amid a fall in oil prices. The country...
Falcon Will Nagle.jpg
25 January 2016
Falcon Group’s long-term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) has been given a boost to BB- from B+ by Fitch Ratings. Falcon’s management and corporate governance standards have been approved,...
Xavier.Durand (3).jpg
22 January 2016
The board of directors at Coface has hired Xavier Durand to the position of chief executive officer (CEO). This appointment will become effective after board meets on 9 February 2016 to approve...
21 January 2016
Arthur J. Gallagher’s international division has taken on Tim Fisher as joint managing director of its national specialist trade credit & surety practice. Fisher will lead alongside...
Weather risk.jpg
13 January 2016
The oldest risk to trade is adverse weather conditions, and the world's 50,000 merchant trade ships face this all the time. How is technology mitigating this risk? Jack Aldane reports
Technology Update
17 December 2015
Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology that secures payments and invoices, has made its first appearance in trade finance, after launching on 17 December 2015 in Singapore. After passing a...
15 December 2015
Further to the launch of the International Trade and Forfaiting Association’s insurance committee at its 2015 conference, chair Sean Edwards chaired the ITFA’s first credit insurance...
14 December 2015
Succession planning is crucial for the long-term growth of any organisation and the trade finance industry is no exception. Specialist credit and political risk insurance brokers Berry Palmer...
1 December 2015
As banks look to lighten balance sheets, the wider distribution of trade assets has become a key tool for success, writes Guy Brooks, managing director,global head of distribution and credit...
Julien Hudson.jpg
30 November 2015
ACE Group has taken on board Julian Hudson as head of trade credit at ACE Global Markets with immediate. ACE global specialises in trade credit, which Hudson has been appointed to develop....
Surety web
5 November 2015
Surety is a new area of cooperation for banks and insurance companies, says Silja Calac
Solvency II web
5 November 2015
The new Solvency II rules come into effect in January 2016 but European insurers are not ready and leaving too many things unresolved, says Alice Allegrini
Gina.Lim Sibos web.jpg
20 October 2015
While Singapore has expanded into a leading financial and commodity trading hub during its first 50 years, International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore) wanted to know more about why...
2 October 2015
China’s latest plan to forge a freight line through Colombia has met with opposition in Latin America as uncertain times for the world’s second largest economy weigh in after an era of...
1 October 2015
Michael Kenny unpacks the security trustee structure of a syndicated loan, along with provisions that ensure the agent receives legal protection in transactions
Patchwork risk
1 October 2015
Cash-rich treasurers are not turning to their banks for debt finance, but for robust cash management services that can absorb external shocks and for support in managing local bank relationships....
8 August 2015
Matthew Strong, former JLT Specialty credit, political and security risks partner based in London, UK, has taking up a new role as head of the credit, political and security risk team for JLT...
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