21 June 2017
Theodore Karasik and Andrew Vought look at the effect Bahrain’s domestic instability has had on the country’s sovereign wealth fund and its ability to stimulate the economy  ...
11 April 2017
Katharine Morton looks at the challenge of derisking and what it means for the future of correspondent relations
30 January 2017
Correspondent banking lines have shrivelled up as global banks retreat from markets deemed too expensive in compliance checks. The TFR editorial board gathered at the close of 2016 to review the...
30 January 2017
When importers and exporters trade, they are exposed to the vagaries of their domestic currency's behaviour against the foreign one. David Morrish explains this vital aspect of risk management
27 January 2017
Roderick Barnett and Emma Whiteacre forecast a trade landscape of reduced demand and increased risk as the events of 2016 begin to take their toll
14 September 2016
Behind the impressive numbers of Côte d'Ivoire's economic surge, a peaceful political landscape has quietly ticked on and encouraged investment, but can it last? Hugo Williamson and...
4 July 2016
The prognosis that recent cases of fraud will lead to the death of collateral management arrangements is nothing but a misdiagnosis. There are plenty of opportunities for prudent risk managers,...
Desert storms
1 July 2016
Arabia Monitor's independent assessment of the MENA region reveals which nations are racking up valuable cross-border ties, the countries being crippled by political infighting, and which...
BPL Paris web.jpg
6 June 2016
“BPL Global does business, not politics,” affirmed Charles Berry, chairman of the credit and political risk insurance (CPRI) broker, as he toasted the 15th anniversary of their Paris...
Technology Update
25 May 2016
Singapore based OCBC Bank has signed a computer software contract with digital trade finance solutions company, Micro Informatique & Technologies SA) MIT.
18 May 2016
John Nicholas has been appointed as risk underwriting director by Coface in the UK and Ireland.
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27 April 2016
Patrick Murphy considers the 'new normal' of doing business with Iran in a post-Implementation Day geopolitical climate
Hyundai Motor Europe Offenbach.jpg
24 February 2016
Citi’s ruble accounts receivable discounting solution gets the Kia wheels turning from South Korea to Russia with minimum FX exposure South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Co and its affiliate...
4 February 2016
Beleaguered commodities trader Noble Group has been given the green light from investors to sell its stake in Noble Agri – its agricultural joint venture - to China’s Cofco. Around 90...
BAFT global annual meeting 2016_1.jpg
2 February 2016
The Banker’s Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT) has launched a program promoting a new generation of leaders in transaction banking (GTB). BAFT’s first class of 2016 takes in...
Oil pump in Baku.jpg
29 January 2016
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have met in Baku Azerbaijan regarding a US$4bn bailout for the country as its currency suffers amid a fall in oil prices. The country...
Falcon Will Nagle.jpg
25 January 2016
Falcon Group’s long-term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) has been given a boost to BB- from B+ by Fitch Ratings. Falcon’s management and corporate governance standards have been approved,...
Xavier.Durand (3).jpg
22 January 2016
The board of directors at Coface has hired Xavier Durand to the position of chief executive officer (CEO). This appointment will become effective after board meets on 9 February 2016 to approve...
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