7 April 2014
How do global corporates secure their SME supply chains? By ensuring they have sustained access to finance. Clarissa Dann ...
17 March 2014
Traditional fund managers may still be wary of trade credit as an additional legitimate alternative investment, but banks have...
16 March 2014
As procurement moves centre-stage for corporates looking for product innovation and value creation, banks can play a vital role...
12 March 2014
Kurt Cavano demonstrates how the IFC supply chain finance platform is improving access to finance for SMEs  
12 March 2014
To boldly go forth into working capital management: TFR's supply chain finance panel agree a joined up approach is called...
17 February 2014
With 22 corporates live on Bank Payment Obligation, mass adoption seems some way off. What could speed this up? Experts from...
Securitisation world
14 February 2014
Outsourcing - a solutions for mid-sized banks and non-bank financial institutions competing in the broader accounts receivable...
17 January 2014
TFR's panel of insurance experts finds that the industry pays its claims promptly, and has held up well during the...
16 January 2014
Ruslan Kharlamov and Christian Gabriel ask if post-crisis trade credit insurance can become more client orientated and...
19 November 2013
Energy commodity experts at TFR's London roundtable 
find that not only has shale gas rearranged the trade flows, 
but oil...
19 November 2013
Panellists at Sibos Dubai 2013 take a closer look at the flows along the trade corridors between 
the Middle East, Africa and...
18 November 2013
Post 9/11 and the global financial crisis the political risk insurance industry supported business as usual. Its stability over...
Sibos circle
11 October 2013
Panellists at Sibos Dubai 2013 agree that more needs to be done to ensure banks understand their clients' receivables...
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