28 October 2014
Bernard Goyder ruminates on the glory days of Russian and Ukrainian trade financing and wonders how long the crisis will last...
21 October 2014
Panelists at the Misys EMEA Forum in Barcelona explore how banks and corporates cmpete and cooperate with receivables...
6 October 2014
Dominic Broom takes a helicopter view of how shifting trade flows and technology drive new types of supply of and demand for...
6 October 2014
Susan Ross shares the broker perspective on how credit insurance reduces the cost of trade finance
25 September 2014
Rüdiger Geis shares why he thinks standardising the trade finance industry is a vital lifeline to some banks'...
15 September 2014
Bernard Goyder weighs up the damage of the Qingdao port metals fraud and says the pain felt by banks staring at no collateral...
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8 September 2014
TFR's forfaiting and factoring roundtable agrees that while standardising definitions are an important...
28 August 2014
Tightened KYC, AML and sanctions regulation are here to stay but dialogue with regulators has room for improvement say TFR...
30 July 2014
    Because of its very nature, trade finance requires a cohort of trained professionals who can appreciate not...
2 May 2014
Panelists at an insuring export credit and political risk conference discuss how the PRIs and ECAs are working with financiers...
2 May 2014
The FATCA train is hurtling towards its 1 July 2014 implementation date. Douglas Stransky and Geoffrey Wynne analyse the trade...
2 May 2014
Adam Dener takes a Darwinesque perspective on the evolution of trade finance asset management
7 April 2014
Portfolio diversity and investor understanding were key success factors when Commerzbank braought its trade finance...
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