21 September 2017
Stephan Wolf, the CEO of the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation talks to Katharine Morton about how the LEI has already...
21 September 2017
Doing business in multiple locations across numerous jurisdictions and cultures, in different languages and with incompatible...
20 September 2017
David Hennah gives an update on the work of the World Trade Board, now in its second year of a mission to improve lives by...
15 August 2017
Kah Chye Tan, former chair of the ICC Banking Commission (and co-founder of the ICC Academy) is an industry pioneer with an...
11 August 2017
James Esdaile gives a rallying cry for collective action to take the market to the next level as it's no longer a '...
8 August 2017
Jean-François Lambert explores the practical consequences of technology for commodity trade finance, following on from...
28 June 2017
Chris Chapman, head of the New Zealand Export Credit Office, talks to Binyamin Ali about how it has developed since it was...
26 June 2017
Technology, and specifically digitisation, is having a beneficial impact on Turkey's trade. In this roundtable discussion,...
26 June 2017
Sinan Dallı, CEO of Alser Mining speaks to TFR's Katharine Morton about mining chrome ore in Turkey
25 June 2017
Trading houses may be more vulnerable to flat price risks as they evolve, and auditors and banks need to be on their guard to...
30 May 2017
Afreximbank's Dr Hippolyte Fofack counts the cost of the changing regulatory landscape for African financial institutions
30 May 2017
Panellists at the TFR Cross Border Trade Forum discuss whether trade digitisation really is close at hand, and consider how the...
30 May 2017
As Myanmar opens up its economy to the world, it has a great example to follow in Vietnam but for the sake of both nations...
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