26 June 2017
Technology, and specifically digitisation, is having a beneficial impact on Turkey's trade. In this roundtable discussion,...
30 May 2017
Afreximbank's Dr Hippolyte Fofack counts the cost of the changing regulatory landscape for African financial institutions
30 May 2017
Panellists at the TFR Cross Border Trade Forum discuss whether trade digitisation really is close at hand, and consider how the...
30 May 2017
As Myanmar opens up its economy to the world, it has a great example to follow in Vietnam but for the sake of both nations...
19 May 2017
With infrastructural investment in progress, Indonesia has enormous potential to be a trade powerhouse. In this roundtable in...
5 May 2017
Are export credit agencies competing with or complementing the private sector? How much of the slack can they pick up post-...
28 April 2017
Adnan Yıldırım, the new CEO of Turk Eximbank, speaks to Katharine Morton about his plans to build on Turkey's reputation as...
18 April 2017
Washington had hoped the TPP would one day give it access to China's protected markets but with its demise, US companies...
18 April 2017
Cliff Evans looks at the digital and robotic disruptors threatening to turn trade finance on its head but have so far only...
18 April 2017
Jean-François Lambert looks at how uncertainty is becoming the 'new normal' in dollar/commodity relationships
21 March 2017
Bob Ronai takes the ICC's approach to tracking and updating banking practices to task, and suggests the international...
20 March 2017
Jean-François Lambert looks at the last hurrah of 2016 and early 2017 which brought up three notable developments for...
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20 March 2017
Brazil must do more to find foreign markets for its goods and services because domestic consumption will struggle to provide...
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