Demica appoints François Terrade as head of structuring

News | 24 November 2015

Francois Terrade joins Demica 2015.jpg

Demica has hired François Terrade as head of structuring with immediate effect.

Terrade will create ways to finance optimal advance rates at low cost to Demica’s corporate clients. The firm’s practice combines traditional bank securitisation with non-bank investment.

Chief executive officer of Demica Matt Wreford said Terrade’s role with the firm will be help Demica “expand to meet the financing demands of [its] clients. Wreford added Terrade will work to protect the “zero loss [Demica’s investors] have experienced on all transactions since inception in 2002”.  

"I've witnessed on the one hand traditional banks showing conservative views about lending to companies. They may not be able to keep pace with the financing needs of those companies in the context of globalisation. Meanwhile, there are a lot of investors stemming from mezzanine funds, PE funds and family offices, who are not traditional recievables financiers. They are seeing great opportunities out there, so long as they have a clear view of what they are investing in. So the best position is to have access to all the information, and that is where I found the real value in Demica," Terrade told TFR.

Terrade joined GE Capital in 2005 as head of capital markets and large corporates. He has worked as managing director of cross border receivables finance for GE Capital, and has served tenure as head of structured finance of GE’s French headquarters.

Demica provides ways for its multinational corporate clients to optimise their financing needs. Demica currently enables financing of up to US$50bn each year for companies worldwide.

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