1 July 2016
Natixis' Bernard Dahdah and Alogmir Miah forecast that central bank demand for gold will remain weak, and the...
2 June 2016
Sanctions against Iran had barely been lifted earlier this year, when France announced one of the first major deals...
1 June 2016
As the Basotho people build their non-diamond revenues, a recent delegation to the UK reinforced not only the country's...
1 June 2016
The EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme has given Armenia unprecedented access to trade finance, heralding a nationwide...
One-trick pony
1 June 2016
Donald Smith explains how standby letters of credit can be deployed in a variety of scenarios to achieve a whole...
1 June 2016
  This is a TFR executive summary of the Trade & Export Finance (TXF) Commodity Finance Market status...
1 June 2016
Germany's Mittelstand provides the backbone of its economy, yet with the international trade landscape...
1 June 2016
The US is leading the way in finding innovative solutions to fund SMEs while the rest of the world, including Europe...
1 June 2016
Lauren Priest-Stephens and Enga Kameni examine the prospects for a model law on factoring in Africa
1 June 2016
As the world's third largest exporter grapples with the effects of a strong euro and China's slowdown,...
20 May 2016
President Obama's recent visit to Cuba symbolised a new era in US/Cuban relations. But what does this mean for...
20 May 2016
The bespoke nature of prepayment financings, the absence of standardised documents and the dual role of traders as...
19 May 2016
Industrial metal prices remain in thrall to investor sentiment as oversupply continues, reflects Casper Burgering
19 May 2016
Catherine Lang-Anderson and Kelesi Blundell set out the main features and practical application of Article 55 of the...
19 May 2016
Sitting on a special rack in hell? Or enjoying the best job in the world? John MacNamara shares his views on why...
19 May 2016
As the Oyu Tolgoi mining project gets underway in Mongolia, Clarissa Dann reports on Asian Development Bank's work in...
19 May 2016
Israel may at last see gas piped from its vast offshore reserves, but this nation of entrepreneurs and innovators is...
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27 April 2016
Simon Cook explains the legal fundamentals of three types of supply chain finance structures
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