TFR Excellence Awards 2012: Best Trade Credit Underwriter

Awards | 20 July 2012

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The last 12 months have been characterised by a great deal 
of uncertainty.

Even if trade levels fall in the short term, rising risks of political interference, civil unrest and military conflict around the world have increased the trade and investment market for demand cover.

In addition, the European debt crises and regulatory impact of Basel III and Solvency II, are, according to gold medal winner Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, redefining the rules of the game for all players involved in trade finance. The insurance market has been impacted and the winners will be those insurers that have a global footprint, a track record of innovation and a broad product offering across various types of credit exposures 
and structures.

Andreas Hillebrand, head of credit underwriting says: “This TFR Excellence award is fresh evidence that our credit team has developed an outstanding reputation in the market and is recognised as a go-to player for structured trade and project finance credit risk mitigation. We are very pleased with this win, which underscores the great job done by our team during and in the aftermath of the financial crises.”

Last year’s winner, ACE Limited, took the silver medal. It underwrites political risk, trade credit and structured trade credit risks and tailors its services for all types of project, export, trade and commodity finance transactions.

Beazley collects the bronze medal. Adrian Lewers, head of political risks and contingency observes: “The market is growing because underwriters have demonstrated that by increasing the capacity available for individual risks and by providing a swift and efficient claims response, they can meet client needs in world full of uncertainty. Our strategy is to offer a broad range of underwriting expertise as well as specific insights and knowledge in some of the more hazardous locations around the world, subject of course to any restrictions imposed by sanctions and regulatory requirements. Even in a difficult political risk and economic environment, it is possible to find sound underwriting opportunities.”

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