Face to face

5 September 2010
While forfaiting surged in demand as a result of the financial crisis, a lack of liquidity, combined with ‘cherry picking’ by...
31 August 2010
Stuart Roberts, Head of Supply Chain Finance at Wells Fargo Capital Finance, reveals how client demands have changed as a result...
27 July 2010
Kimberly Wiehl, Secretary-General, Berne Union looks back on a tumultuous year in trade.
17 June 2010
TFR talks to Marsh’s James Cunningham about the ups and downs of the political risk insurance and structured trade credit markets.
13 May 2010
David Gustin, President of Global Business Intelligence, talks to TFR about the funding gap between major corporates and SMEs.
13 May 2010
When the global financial crisis sent world trade into a tailspin, it was the world’s export credit agencies that stepped into...
13 May 2010
SmartStream Technologies’ Jack Li, Region Manager in China, and Eric Van Steen, Technology Manager – Trade Finance, talk to TFR...
4 May 2010
Frank Heusdens looks back on a challenging 2009 – and forward to a recovery in trade.
4 May 2010
Inflation and devaluation are the masks behind which debt default is most commonly hidden, says Cynicus Economicus.
1 April 2010
Trade outsourcing was popular during the boom years as a way for many banks to boost profitability and provide a wider range of...
1 April 2010
TFR talks to Surecomp’s Joel Koschitzky about the increasing competition in the market for trade finance software.
2 March 2010
Forfaiter Sal Chiappinelli talks to TFR about the Kazakhstan banking workout, the prospects for forfaiters in an uncertain...
21 December 2009
Nick Cullen discusses the forfaiting market at the end of a turbulent year.
21 December 2009
Tan Kah Chye, Global Head of Trade, Transaction Banking, at Standard Chartered, launches a passionate defence of trade finance.
3 December 2009
India’s growth has been second only to China among the major emerging economies over the past decade, avoiding recession in the...
3 December 2009
JP Morgan’s Jeremy shaw studied geography before starting his career in accountancy and moving onto bigger and better things.
24 November 2009
Volvo Construction Equipment’s Patrik Achtman discusses the changing environment for financing exports and supporting new...
3 November 2009
Five top trade lawyers discuss some of the biggest issues in trade finance.
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