Face to face

10 October 2013
TFR talks to Valentino Gallo about innovation in export finance and bank responses to increased demand
28 August 2013
Deutsche Bank has been building its footprint in Africa for more than 40 years. With all eyes on this continent as trade flows...
22 August 2013
Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking's JOHN BUGEJA talks to TFR about building 
dream sales teams, responsible lending, and his...
22 August 2013
TFR talks to International Forfaiting Association (IFA) chair Paolo Provera about forfaiting's post financial crisis 
craig polkinghorne
22 July 2013
TFR talks to Standard Bank's 
CRAIG POLKINGHORNE about Africa-centric trade finance strategy and 
energy sector developments
5 June 2013
Falcon Group's Nam Sahasra talks to Clarissa Dann about growing up on the Arabian Sea, financing innovation, and how...
5 June 2013
TFR talks to Rabobank's KAREL VALKEN in Amsterdam about Africa's food problem and food solution
Kateryna Barabash
14 May 2013
IBcontacts Kateryna Barabash talks to CLARISSA DANN about growing up in pre- and post-Soviet Ukraine, export credit risk, and a...
Ana Bank of Georgia
26 April 2013
TFR talks to Bank of Georgias ANA KAVTARADZE about her optimism for increased export and trade finance lending in 2013
Jean Francois Lambert FEB2013
5 April 2013
HSBC's Jean-Francois Lambert talks to CLARISSA DANN about his good crisis, the changing commodities markets and Schubert
Dan Taylor
5 April 2013
TFR talks to J.P. Morgan's Dan Taylor about rulemaking and ICC Banking Commission direction
7 March 2013
BAFT-IFSA’s Tod Burwell talks to TFR about cash and trade technology, 
dialogue with regulators and being a DJ
7 March 2013
TFR talks to Coface’s 
about how hard it is to 
do business in Brazil
8 February 2013
TFR talks to Falcon Group’s KAMEL ALZARKA about 
the benefits of non-bank 
lender regulation and clarity 
of lending...
Andre Casterman portrait
8 January 2013
TFR talks to SWIFT’s André  Casterman about technology, banking rulebook adoption and intermittent...
Marc Auboin Port HandS Web
21 December 2012
MARC AUBOIN reviews how far trade has come since 2009, but observes more still needs to be done to help lower-income countries...
13 November 2012
UniCredit’s MARKUS WOHLGESCHAFFEN takes time out of his 
bank’s annual Oktoberfest gathering to share how Tyrolean...
13 November 2012
TFR talks to DOMINQUE BERETTI about financing commodity traders and why this form of banking is rather like being a...
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