24 June 2016
Britons woke up on the morning of 24 June to find that 52% of them had voted to leave the European Union. Sterling fell 8% (...
UNCTAD.and_.OECD web.jpg
23 June 2016
G20 member countries have, says a new joint UNCTAD-OECD report, refrained from raising new barriers to investment as reiterated...
23 June 2016
The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has published reports assessing the implementation of the committee's frameworks...

Face to face

TFR talks to VTB’s Igor Ostreyko about his bank’s rising levels of trade and export finance deals with China...
TFR talks to Claudio Camozzo at the IFC global trade partners meeting in Milan about underlying contract support for clients in...


Clarissa 2014 web.jpg
Democracy, don’t you just love it?   Britain has voted to leave the EU...
As we wait for the outcome of the UK referendum on our membership of the EU, it’s...


Noble Group Limited, the Singapore-headquartered commodities trader founded by Richard Elman has announced a US$500m rights...
Jean-François Lambert asks why credit committees and regulators do not give transactions embedded in global supply...


Britons woke up on the morning of 24 June to find that 52% of them had voted to leave the European Union. Sterling fell 8% (...
HSBC _brasil web.jpg
HSBC’s divestment of its entire Brazil portfolio to Banco Bradesco, announced on 3 August 2015, has now received  ...


Sanctions against Iran had barely been lifted earlier this year, when France announced one of the first major deals with the Islamic republic. It was late...
As the Basotho people build their non-diamond revenues, a recent delegation to the UK reinforced not only the country's readiness for diversification, but how...
The EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme has given Armenia unprecedented access to trade finance, heralding a nationwide telecoms upgrade and a more resilient...
One-trick pony
Donald Smith explains how standby letters of credit can be deployed in a variety of scenarios to achieve a whole host of commonly overlooked purposes

The World Trade Symposium 2016

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Reports & Data

  This is a TFR executive summary of the Trade & Export Finance (TXF) Commodity Finance Market status 2015.
Industrial metal prices remain in thrall to investor sentiment as oversupply continues, reflects Casper Burgering


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Talks just concluded in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday show that plans for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (...
Jacco de Jong returns to his Trade Finance LinkedIn group to assess the traction of non-bank letters of credit and finds that...

Technology update

16 June 2016
Barclays bank has formed an alliance with PrimeRevenue, a global provider of digital product suites for supplier financing.
Deutsche Bank.jpg
10 June 2016
Deutsche Bank has launched a new payment collection service that will provide consumers with financing services through...
9 June 2016
A large consortium of investors have joined Tradeshifts new series D funding, which will be used to fund the expansion of the...
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